Custom paintings from your photos



How long will my painting take to complete?
Usually, I aim to send the painting within 4-6 weeks but a completion date can be agreed at the point of commission.

What is the most suitable kind of photo and how should I send it?
The best photo is one that is sharp and shows the details clearly. It should be one that for you, best describes the landscape or subject. Remember, the photo you choose will be my only reference so it should be of good quality; the better the photo, the more visual information I have to work with. Email photos to at

Does it have to be a digital image?
No, I can also work from a printed photograph. If you are sending a print then ideally, it should be at least 6 inches by 4 inches. My mail address can be found on the contact page. If it is a digital image then it should be a jpeg and be at least 2MB or 300dpi at photo size (about 6″x4″).

Can you alter the background?
Yes, very often the background on a photo is distracting and generally portraits benefit from a fairly neutral ground. If you have a certain simple background in mind however, I am quite happy to discuss the possibility of painting that too.

What kind of paint do you use?
I paint in acrylic which works well for both landscape and portrait paintings.

Can my painting be a different size than those listed?
Yes, please contact me if you would like a quotation for a size that is not listed.

How will the final painting be sent?
All paintings are done on stretched canvas and will be very well protected and carefully bubble wrapped before being sent by courier or post.

How do I start the commissioning process?
There are two methods. You can use our online ordering system or you can contact me directly by email or phone.